FibroBiologics Plans Direct Listing Over IPO

Chronic-disease-focused drug developer FibroBiologics said that its shares will begin trading Jan. 31 on the Nasdaq through a rather than a traditional .

The company intends to offer 4,806,226 in the listing. The reference price for a share is expected to be around $10.

A private placement was made over a year ago at the equivalent of $6.76 per share, according to the prospectus.

Based in Houston, FibroBiologics is a cell therapy, regenerative medicine company developing a pipeline of treatments and potential cures for chronic diseases using fibroblast cells and fibroblast-derived materials. FibroBiologics holds 150+ US and internationally issued patents/patents pending across various clinical pathways, including disc degeneration, orthopedics, multiple sclerosis, wound healing, reversing organ involution, and cancer. Read more.

Source: FibroBiologics Plans Direct Listing Over IPO