Fintech-Focused Quetta Acquisition Files for $60M IPO

Quetta Acquisition registered to offer 6 million units, each consisting of one share and one-tenth of a right. Whole rights may be rdeemed for a share when the SPAC completes a deal.

The company said it intends to prioritize the evaluation of businesses in (excluding China, , and Macau) that operate in the financial technology sector.

Quetta is led by Chairman and CEO Hui Chen, whose prior SPAC, Yotta Acquisition, terminated a deal earlier this month with aquaculture company NaturalShrimp.

The SPAC expects to apply for a listing on the Nasdaq Global under the symbol QETAU.

EF Hutton is sole bookrunning manager on this deal. Read more

Source: Fintech-Focused Quetta Acquisition Files for M IPO