Lakeshore Acquisition II Closes Nature’s Miracle Deal

Nature's Miracle and Lakeshore Acquisition II announced the closing of their business combination.

Nature's Miracle shares began trading today on the under new ticker symbol NMHI. The company provides hardware and software to design, build and operate various indoor growing settings including greenhouse, and indoor-growing spaces. 

Approved by the SPAC's shareholders last month, support for the deal was overwhelming, with 3,049,605 shares voted in favor and just 1,000 against. However, redemptions left the SPAC with approximately $1.12 million in trust. Lakeshore II raised $69 million in an almot two years ago.

Lakeshore II had also issued promissory notes of $160,000 to Nature's Miracle for funding to cover extension deposits. Read more.

Source: Lakeshore Acquisition II Closes Nature's Miracle Deal