Lakeshore II Schedules Vote on Nature’s Miracle

Lakeshore Acquisition II announced that its registration statement outlining a proposed business combination with Natures Miracle has been declared effective by the . Accordingly, the SPAC called a Feb. 15 meeting for shareholders to vote on the deal.

The deal was announced in September 2022 at an implied pro-forma enterprise value of approximately $265 million for the combined company. Terms call for the 's shareholders to receive $230 million in stock, less closing net indebtedness, which was just under $7.3 million as of Dec. 31, according to the proxy.

Nature's Miracle provides hardware as well as software to design, build and operate various indoor growing settings including greenhouse, and indoor-growing spaces. The company operates two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Visiontech Group and Hydroman, which provides grow lights as well as other hydroponic products. Nature's Miracle has also developed a pipline of projects for the construction of commercial-scale greenhouse in the U.S. and Canada. Read more.

Source: Lakeshore II Schedules Vote on Nature's Miracle