Metals Acquisition Adds Another $52M to PIPE for Copper Mine Deal

Metals Acquisition said it added subscription agreements totaling approximately $52 million for the relating to its CSA Mine acquisition, including investments from a number of large, global natural resource funds who have anchored the PIPE. Subscriptions include a 100% upsizing from an existing anchor investor.

The funding includes a subscription from Bluescape Partners, an alternative investment firm that leverages its private capital and global network to deliver differentiated long term investment performance in the broader energy and energy transition sectors. Bluescape is expected to nominate a director to the Metals Acquisition Limited board.

The PIPE on the SCA Copper Mine deal now totals $230 million.

The SPAC's shareholders approved the deal last week. Read more.

Source: Metals Acquisition Adds Another M to PIPE for Copper Mine Deal