More Federal Scrutiny for Truth Social and Trump-Tied SPAC

From former federal prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks to veteran journalists Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and Dan Rather, some Americans who have vivid members of Watergate have commented that President Richard Nixon's legal problems during the 1970s absolutely pale in comparison to all the scandals that have surrounded former President Donald . Never before in U.S. history has an ex-president pursued his party's presidential nomination while facing multiple simultaneous criminal investigations, AlterNet reports.

Kimberly Wehle, a former federal prosecutor who teaches at the University of Baltimore, examines Trump's assortment of legal problems in an article published by the conservative website The Bulwark on March 20. And she emphasizes that there is one case that isn't receiving as much coverage as the others.

As Wehle notes, ‘ in 2020 made up 50 percent of the market for . This figure represents a huge spike prompted by the SEC's temporary inability to approve traditional IPOs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump took advantage of it to launch social media network Truth Social.

In December 2021, Wehle notes, the SEC launched an investigation “presumably out of a concern that Trump and Digital World might have secretly planned the merger before going public and failed to disclose their communications to the SEC.”

Wehle adds that earlier this month The Guardian's Hugh Lowell “reported that federal prosecutors have expanded their criminal investigation to examine two loans totaling $8 million that were wired to Trump Media through the Caribbean from entities connected to an ally of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.” Read more.

Source: More Federal Scrutiny for Truth Social and Trump-Tied SPAC