The Wild Probe into Investors of DWAC, Trump Media’s Proposed Merger Ally

In October 2021, former president Donald announced that his media company, the owner of the platform , had sealed an incredible deal: a merger with a SPAC that would deliver to his firm $300 million toward his promise of giving “a voice to all,” reports.

By then, however, the insider trading by investors in the SPAC, Digital World Acquisition, had already begun, according to documents filed recently in the criminal case against three Digital World investors who've been charged with securities fraud in New York federal court.

Digital World's chief executive, Patrick Orlando, a Miami financier Trump had hosted at his golf clubs, had been telling investors privately for months that he'd been talking with Trump about the deal, the filings assert — a violation of federal securities law, the Securities and Exchange Commission would say later, given his company's pledge in regulatory filings that its leaders had held no talks with any merger targets. Orlando was later removed as CEO but remains on the digital World board. Read more.

Source: The Wild Probe into Investors of DWAC, Trump Media's Proposed Merger Ally