Viveon Health Acquisition Removed From NYSE American

Viveon Health Acquisition was delisted this week from the American, according to a regulatory filing. The SPAC disclosed in December that it was facing removal from the exchange because it had not completed a merger within the 36-month timeline required by the NYSE American. Viveon has not disclosed its next move.

The SPAC has called a March 27 meeting for shareholders to vote on a deadline extension up to September. This would be the SPAC's fourth extension, if approved.

Viveon almost a year ago announced a merger with Clearday, a longevity technology company using an integrated platform of robotic companion care and AI-driven technology to serve the senior adult care sector.

The parties in August amended the terms of their merger agreement, including an increase in the deal consideration from $250 million to $500 million ( the aggregate exercise price for all Clearday options and ). 

The SPAC had about $20 million on hand when the merger was announced in April. Viveon raised $201.25 million in a December 2020 , although redemptions since then have carved out the trust. Read more.

Source: Viveon Health Acquisition Removed From NYSE American