What is ‘advanced air mobility’? eVTOLs, flying taxis and more

This time last year, we published of 's most comprehensive legal reports Global air freight's future – The sky is the limit. Today, the key topics still stand and looking ahead in 2023, we continue to monitor emerging trends in aviation. We are taking an even broader look at the aviation industry and consider additional types of emerging aviation, like drones and flying taxis. We have already covered drone delivery and this week's topic is advanced air mobility. In addition to drones for delivery and other function, we anticipate further advancements in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). AAM is a collection of new aviation technologies and their supporting infrastructure. For example, think of a cargo-carrying eVTOL aircraft bringing goods to a warehouse. In the air freight context, cargo-carrying aircraft are especially useful for “middle-mile” transit, such as from a port to a regional warehouse or distribution center. The use of AAM in will enable companies to reduce costs, save time, and increase their areas of access. Please see full Publication below for more information.
Source: What is ‘advanced air mobility'? eVTOLs, flying taxis and more