MZ Group and SPAC Alpha Form Strategic Partnership and Launch SPAC Alpha IR+

SPAC Alpha IR+ Combines SPAC Alpha’s Robust SPAC Transaction Data & Research Platform with MZ’s Comprehensive Suite of Investor Relations Services

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 25, 2020 / MZ Group (MZ), the world’s largest independent investor relations and corporate communications firm, today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with SPAC Alpha, LLC to launch SPAC Alpha IR+, a collaborative service that is designed to offer the industry’s most comprehensive suite of services for SPACs to successfully navigate the business combination lifecycle.

Since launch, SPAC Alpha and SPAC Research-a group company-have been the premier information resources on US-listed SPACs, offering historical data and industry analysis to inform a variety of constituents seeking intelligence. SPAC Alpha leverages insights from an extensive analysis of SPAC transactions to provide advice on transaction strategy and the de-SPAC process.

For over 25 years, MZ has been a global leader in investor relations and corporate communications to over 500 global clients, providing a full-scale suite of one-stop-shop IR solutions for clients, powered by a host of supporting technologies.

The new partnership employs the depth of experience and products offered by both teams to create SPAC Alpha IR+, a complete solution designed to seamlessly lead both sponsor and transaction company through the SPAC transaction.

SPAC Alpha IR+ Services Include:

  • SPAC Research – An industry leading data platform including all sectors, sizes & strategies
  • SPAC Alpha – Independent research & advisory platform from the perspective of a SPAC sponsor/buyside investor
  • IR Consulting & Outreach – Post-IPO targeting & liquidity, de-SPAC process and close & post-close support, along with broad-based institutional & retail investor outreach
  • Financial & Social Media – Targeted, investor-specific media exposure and comprehensive social media engagement
  • Market Intelligence – Investor targeting tools and stock surveillance, optimizing management’s time with the ‘right’ audience
  • Technology Solutions – IPO & Target Company Websites, Press Release Distribution and Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) Reporting

“MZ’s strategic partnership with SPAC Alpha is designed to reinvent investor relations for SPACs as we know it,” said Ted Haberfield, Chairman and President of MZ. “By combining the power of the world’s largest independent investor relations firm, and the data, research and advisory leader for SPACs, we fully expect SPAC Alpha IR+ to quickly become the de-facto standard for SPAC investor relations.

“Our team’s breadth and depth of experience allows us to focus on what matters most for SPACs, while addressing key issues that arise during the business combination process, including a lack of familiarity pre-IPO, a limited appreciation of the difference between SPACs, very little coverage in the ‘make or break’ phase and limited coverage post-close. In partnership with SPAC Alpha, we are able deliver solutions to these challenges throughout the lifecycle, utilizing our combined service portfolios and expertise. MZ’s database of over 140,000 contacts to support their outreach campaigns and one-stop-shop model includes supporting technologies that enhance each activity, such as engaging websites, press release distribution and their new ESG iQ platform, which addresses Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting by creating a custom measure for ESG performance with flexibility to adopt to any well-known standards.”

Rajiv Shukla, Founder of SPAC Alpha, commented: “2020 has been a watershed moment for SPACs. Through our experience of extensive analysis and coverage of the SPAC universe, we identified a crucial service missing from the marketplace – a solution that addresses SPAC issues from the perspectives of the sponsor and buy-side investor.

“Combining our depth of analytical understanding with MZ’s investor relations program allows us to support SPACs through a systematic process that targets and engages the ‘right’ audience of media, analysts and -from pre-IPO through the close and beyond.”

To learn more about SPAC Alpha IR+ please visit, or email Ted Haberfield at or at

About SPAC Alpha

SPAC Alpha is a research-driven investment platform across three verticals: SPAC analysis & advisory, SPAC investments, and Alpha-sponsored SPACs. SPAC Alpha also operates SPAC Research, which is an online portal that provides comprehensive coverage of data and regulatory filings related to US-listed SPACs. It has grown to a prominent position in the SPAC industry with a significant client base of SPAC investors, advisors and sponsors. For more information, please visit

About MZ Group

MZ North America is the US division of MZ Group, a global leader in investor relations and corporate communications. MZ North America was founded in 1996 and provides full scale Investor Relations to both private and public companies across all industries. Supported by an exclusive one‐stop‐shop approach, MZ works with top management to support the clients’ business strategy in six integrated product and service categories: 1) IR Consulting & Outreach – full service investor relations and outreach; 2) ESG Consulting – reporting technology platform; 3) SPAC Alpha IR+ – providing critical and timely guidance for SPACs; 4) Financial & Social Media – lead generation and social media relations; 5) Market Intelligence – real time ownership monitoring; 6) Technology Solutions – webhosting, webcasting, distribution services, conference calls, CRM, and board portals. MZ North America has a global footprint with offices located in New York, Chicago, San Diego, Aliso Viejo, Austin, Minneapolis, Taipei and São Paulo. For more information, please visit


MZ North America
Ted Haberfield, Chairman & President

SPAC Alpha

Founder & CEO

Source: Accesswire – MZ Group and SPAC Alpha Form Strategic Partnership and Launch SPAC Alpha IR+

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