Shout Outs and Rants – Episode 130, The End of SPACs Edition

Welcome to the only roundtable podcast in compliance as we celebrate our second century of shows. In this episode, we have the quartet of Jonathan Armstrong, Matt Kelly, Karen Woody, Jay Rosen, and Special Guest Karen Moore, all hosted by Tom Fox, joining us on this episode of Shout Outs and Rants. 1. Matt Kelly shouts out to the Russian people who turned in droves for the funeral of murdered activist Alexei Navalny. 2. Karen Woody shouts out to Caitlin Clark, who set the all-time single season scoring record in college basketball. 3. Special Guest Karen Moore shouts out and rants about UW killing the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive. 4. Jonathan Marks shouts out garbage collectors who saw a house on fire, saved the family inside and warned neighbors all before the Fire Department arrived. 5. Jay Rosen shouts out to the rich getting richer: Shohei Ohtani signing with the LA Dodgers for $700MM and deferring 97% of his salary until 2034 and to Adam Turteltaub, an Dodgers fan who might see a Dodgers World Series this year. 6. Tom Fox rants about the Supreme Court intentionally delaying the federal trials of Donald Trump.
Source: Shout Outs and Rants – Episode 130, The End of SPACs Edition