Weekly SPAC Rundown – 2/8 – 2/14

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$CCIV – continued its crazy run reaching highs that no SPAC has ever seen on a rumored negotiation and breaking $40 before ending the week at $39.34. SPAC negotiations in 2020 averaged around 68 days with the longest at around 130 days (LOI to DA). The latest Bloomberg update states that negotiations began on 1/11 so with a typical negotiation we are most likely to hear something around March 22nd but maybe as far as May 24th. Can the froth survive that long? This assumes of course that Lucid does decide to go the SPAC route as I'm sure they are weighing a direct listing with this level of retail excitement.

$AACQ – a rumor dropped late Friday afternoon that they are in talks to take public Origin Materials. This was bolstered somewhat by them scrubbing their website of references to fintech which was their original focus. Origin is a pretty exciting clean tech target if they can get it having deals with Nestle, Danone and PepsiCo to replace their plastic with a new carbon negative version made from renewable inputs. They are similar in many ways to recently SPAC'd company Danimer ($DNMR). The stock ended the week at $14.13 on the news.

$ACIC – to merge with Archer, an electric aircraft manufacturer.

$ALTU – this travel focused SPAC saw some action late in the week as the team dropped 2 new SPACs leading to anticipation that an announcement is imminent.

$ARYA – will take public Nautilus Biotech.

$CMLF – announced they would merge with Sema4, a “disruptive AI-driven Genomics and Clinical Data Platform Company”.

$DCRB – signed their DA with Hyzon as was rumored previously.

$FCAC – signed a DA to take public ShareCare, a digital health company.

$FGNA – to merge with OppFi, a fintech platform company.

$FRX – the “Shaq SPAC” is merging with fitness and nutrition focused, the Beachbody Company as well as home cycling provider Myx Fitness.

$ – signed their DA to take public fintech company MoneyLion.

$GRNV – will merge with Helbiz, Inc. a “micromobility company” (they do electric scooters).

$GRSV – in less exciting can related news they are rumored to be in talks to spin off Ardagh Group's beverage can business into a public company.

$INAQ – shareholders approved its merger with Metromile, the new ticker is $MILE which ended the week at $17.29.

$MCAC – shareholders approved their merger with Playboy, the new ticker is $PLBY and it ended the week at $12.22.

$NGAC – is in talks to take public EV manufacturer . I was surprised there were so many EV manufacturers out there but then I was reminded that there were 485 automobile manufactures when they first became commercialized before everyone was bought out or went out of business and we got paired down to a handful.

$NSTB – was said to be in talks with Apex Clearinhouse. Some may remember Apex as the company Robinhood threw under the bus for increasing margin requirements on $GME and other “meme stocks”.

$PSTH – had a bit of a runup on news they were increasing their PIPE size which implies they may be close to a deal but it may have just been some administrative paper shuffling. Will it be Stripe or perhaps Subway or will Bill keep us waiting another 18 months?

$ – is rumored to be in talks with a large renewable provider in .

$RTP – which last week was rumored to be in talks with online company was suddenly said to be close to announcing with Joby Aviation, another electric aircraft manufacturer.

$SNPR – announced a DA with electric charging company Volta. Shout out to the guy who noted last week a member of the SNPR team was liking Volta posts on LinkedIn. Volta has a different business model then the other charging companies as they provide charging for free subsidized by the retailer whose parking lot they are placed in and their chargers are like giant billboards on which they sell ads. Their price looks very attractive compared to the other charging SPACs at the moment.

Chinese EV startup Byton was reportedly considering going public via SPAC.

L Brands is said to be considering spinning off Victoria's Secret via SPAC.

I thought the Shaq SPAC would be peak SPAC but now Colin Kaepernick is launching a SPAC.

Source: The SPAC Investor- Weekly SPAC Rundown – 2/8 – 2/14