Former NYSE CFO: SPACs are ‘here to stay’

In 2020, 219 SPACs raised $73 billion in proceeds, Business Insider reported. That’s a 462% year-over-year jump in proceeds raised using the process, outpacing traditional IPOs, which raised $67 billion year-to-date. Companies including Virgin Galactic, AppHarvest and DraftKings have chosen the SPAC approach. 

David Crane is back, with a climate-tech SPAC

One of the hottest 2020 trends in raising capital is infiltrating climate-tech investing. As of mid-September, the stock market had welcomed at least 82 initial public offerings this year by special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) — organizations that collectively raised more than $31 billion. Last week, former NRG Energy CEO David Crane joined the frenzy.