6 Questions To Ask Before Joining A SPAC Board

Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) are all the rage right now (even the Oakland A’s Billy Bean launched one). SPACs need board members, and a lot of CFOs are being asked to join SPAC boards. Should you, an experienced CFO with great business insights and public company experience, join the board of a SPAC? 

Egregious Founder Shares. Free Money for Hedge Funds. A Cluster***k of Competing Interests. Welcome to the Great 2020 SPAC Boom.

It’s a brilliant, blue-sky afternoon in mid-August, and Bill Ackman is enjoying being, well, Bill Ackman.

Maybe it’s the sun. Or maybe it’s the aftermath of his latest tour de force — the IPO of a $4 billion special-purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, the largest of its kind during a year when such blank-check deals are exploding.